Automatically resize screenshots to 50% on retina Macs with Automator

02 March 2015

Caterpillar Train

If you're like me and you often need to send some screenshots by e-mail but you don't want to send @2x retina images to them you can use this Automator Folder Action to automatically resize them.

Web developers dream

I wish all websites had statistics like this

18 May 2011 google analytics stats for the last year and a half. Spoiler: Internet Explorer 7%

Bidirectional synchronisation of two folders on a Mac with Automator and Rsync

Keep two folders in sync

28 March 2011

This is modification of my previous automator workflow for synchronising target folder with source folder (leaving source folder intact). This one, however, is bidirectional sync (mirror), the result of which is two folders with identical contents.

First look at Navicat 9 for MySQL, Mac OS X version

Mac OS X native look and feel is here

11 May 2010

I take a first look at Navicat version 9 for MySQL on Mac OS X. It finally looks like a native Mac OS X app.

Find files larger than X and delete them in Mac OS/Unix terminal

21 January 2010

Another terminal oneliner I've just used to delete files larger than 10mb.

Synchronize two folders on a Mac with Automator and Rsync

Power of Automator and Unix combined

14 December 2009

I really miss some good Automator tutorials online. It's such a great and I guess underrated and underused tool. Here I'll show you how to combine it with rsync to easily synchronise two folders.

Synchronize two folders on a Mac and other Unix Systems with Rsync

From terminal

14 December 2009

One of the great things with Mac OS X is that you have many of the cool tools from UNIX world. One of them is definitely Rsync. I'll show you how to use it to synchronise files from of two different folders from terminal and using mighty automator.

Add all new files and folders to subversion with one line in terminal

13 December 2009

Mario & Luigi

This is basicly simple oneliner:
svn status | grep "^?" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs svn add
I'll try to explain it...