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01 June 2009

About Me

Kosjerić, also known as K-town

Kosjerić, also known as K-town

Ljubljana, my other home town

Ljubljana, my other home town

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I was born and raised in Serbia (Kosjerić is my home town), than moved to Ljubljana, Slovenia (not to be mistaken for Slovakia) in '99 where I started working as a web designer in 2002 and later developed the urge for developing, so I learned some PHP + MySQL.

I work for a great little company from Ljubljana, Slovenia called kABI. Most of the projects featured in my work/web portfolio are projects that I worked on in kABI.

Few years ago I have developed custom CMS solution called Bananadmin which I'm very proud of. Mostly because of it's user friendliness. I guess around 99% websites from my portfolio are built with Bananadmin as the backend. There are around 300+ websites online these days that are built with it.

Bananadmin CMS document editing
Bananadmin CMS screenshot showing editing of this very page

Apart from professional life I also take great pleasure in taking photos, macro especially (with my Nikon D80 and Sigma 105mm), you can find some of them in work/photo section of this website.

Macro triptych
One of my photos

Going to gigs and listening to music are also important part of my life. These days I'm listening to new Biffy Clyro and Pearl Jam albums, and I like the (500) Days Of Summer soundtrack (great movie as well). I'm also a great Bruce Springsteen fan.

You can also follow me on Twitter, although I'm not really that active. And I'm using this great little application called CoverSutra (I love the fact that it is made by female developer) to update my