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I wish all websites had statistics like this

Bananica.com google analytics stats for the last year and a half. Spoiler: Internet Explorer 7%

Internet Explorer 7%!

Internet Explorer 7%!

But it's no wonder since the most popular stuff on my website are Automator tutorials I wrote. I guess I found my niche :) 64% of my visitors are using some sort of Mac OS (Windows 28%, Linux 4%).

And the thing is that it's getting better, if I look at the past month it's 73% Mac Users, 20% Windows, browsers wise it's Safari 36%, Firefox 30%, Chrome 26%, IE 3.7% :) So Chrome is definitely on the rise (at least with my visitors), and it seems that Firefox and IE users are going for Chrome. Personally, I'll stick with Firefox, mainly because of FireBug.


Here's your chance to be the first in something!

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